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Who Is Your Favorite Comic Book Hero and Why ?

Nightwing. He’s like Batman but if Batman was actually enjoyable to be around.


If you want to be Superman and your birth certificate doesn’t say Krypton, you’re screwed. Nobody wants their parents offed just to make them twisted enough to become Batman, fortune or not. Green Lantern needs to be able to conquer fear. Wonder Woman? Wrong gender, not born on the island. Martian Manhunter, Hawkman? Wrong planet.

Flash. Just be minding your own business working in your lab and BAM, superpowers.

I think Dr. Manhattan had a great depth to him. Miserable and misunderstood by everyone, yet kind of always looking for a way to help. People relate to that

Booster Gold. He’s a lovable fuckup and secretly the greatest hero in the DC multiverse.

Hellboy. He boy from hell