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After Flat Earthers, Anti-Vaxxers and Anti-Maskers comes the next stupidest group of people with a completely new conspiration theory. What is it?

The climate deniers and creationists always have something new.

No, wait they just recycle their old crap without even pretending to listen.

Never mind

The “We are inside a simulation” theory.

One of the many proofs: USB cables that you have to turn 1.5 times on average to plug them in instead of 0.5 => Obviously a bug in the simulation.

Another one: Assuming there is only one actual reality and all other “realities” are simulations or simulations in simulations, it is statistically very likely that we are not in the actual reality!

The interesting side on this one is that you can’t disprove it being inside the simulation.

And it isn’t actually that stupid to believe in it – it’s just stupid if you decide to make it the center piece of your whole world and start acting like an idiot “because it’s just a simulation” – not realizing that even if it is, it’s still the reality you live in.

So this conspiracy theory came about because of the ATF. People believe that the b o o g is coming if Biden wins.

See the ATF had a memo leak stating they want to classify pistol braces as stocks. This would turn ar and ak pistols into SBRs. Which unregistered carries a ten year sentence.

This means that the stroke of a pen can instantly turn law abiding citizens into felons with zero action on their part.

People believe Biden will sign into law a pistol brace ban because he is the one who created the assault weapons ban in the 90s.

They believe that next they will try to repeal 2A. So they believe that Biden will bring about the B o o g.

QAnon is pretty fucking stupid.

People that want to ban videogames like r/BanVideoGames