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Announcing the 2023 Official /r/AskMen Demographics Survey!

Bentornati ad un’altra eccezionale edizione delle domande di cultura generale!

Questa volta abbiamo cercato una domanda rivolta ai ragazzi.

Sup dudes and other dudes. While browsing through our sub wiki like any good user should do, I discovered way back in 2016 there was a demographics survey. Now that it’s been basically 8 years and a completely new mod team, we’ve decided to have another one.

Click Here for our 2023 survey!

Once we have compiled everything we'll make a new sticky with the results of this survey as well as make a new entry to our FAQ. Eventually.

Enjoy with love and spite,

/r/AskMen Mods

Privacy disclaimer: The survey is anonymous. No accounts required, just a little captcha at the end to dissuade any dumb bots and spammers.

Ed ecco le risposte:

Removed google account requirement. Captcha question is at end of survey.

After the 2016 survey results were released, someone aptly described this sub as “AskSingleCollegeAgedVirginWhiteGuysForSexAndRelationshipAdvice”. Something tells me not much has changed since then, and now the average age might in fact be even younger.

Bruh mooching off family was just damaging to my self worth

I never really notice the mod names. Sorry I just loved and hated the same one.

Can I just make a note on the relationship status question? Your categories are overlapping – someone can be both ‘divorced’ and ‘engaged’ (and ‘single, not dating’, for that matter) all at once. Other combinations also exist, of course. It muddies up the data.

Can we make sure to include counts as well as percentages in the results? Telling percentages only is generally useless.

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