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Ants can lift many times their body weight, and sharks can smell a drop of blood miles away. What’s something that humans are exceptionally good at?

Throwing. No other animal can throw like we can. No other animal can even come close.


Humans can sustain a hell of a lot of damage before dying. Not just in terms of bodily injuries and blood loss. Extreme cold will fuck you up, and hell if your body temp drops below 20C your heart will stop. But people have survived that and been resuscitated.

Back to injuries. You can lose up to 15% of your blood without any immediate effects. We can lose organs and still survive. We can be zapped with 20,000V and live. There are people who have fallen out of aircraft and survived. We drink poisons for fun because it makes us dizzy.

We are a very stubborn bunch of bastards.

Fucking up


Object permanence. Having fingers. Our legs are very good for lots of constant traveling. And our programmable minds.