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Apparently about 44% of adults keep a plushy from when they were a child. Did you also keep one? If yes, what is it?

I have an old fox I got 30 years ago when I was a baby. It was second hand and cost 50c at a market. It’s missing it’s nose and half it’s fur. He’s at the back of my closest, I see him everyday when I open it, looking back at me with his crooked scratched plastic eyes…

Yes I have a blue stuffed bunny that has seen better days, I obviously dont sleep with it now. It’s on a shelf.

not a child, but I have a Blastoise plushy I bought when I was 16? I’m 31 now and that plushy is still in my bedroom.

Still have Kovu and Kiara somewhere in my closet.

His name is Timmy, he’s a fluffy white tiger I got when I was two years old. (But he isn’t shaped like a white tiger that walks on all fours. It’s more of a winnie the pooh type situation. He’s a little pudgy, too. c: )