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Apparently about 44% of adults keep a plushy from when they were a child. Did you also keep one? If yes, what is it?

I still have my gorilla plushy that my grandfather gave me when I was born. I’m 23 now and It’s still on my bed. I could never even think of giving it away because it brings so many memories. I named him “mankey” when I was maybe 7 because I was really into pokemon that time.

No, they are in my parents’ attic somewhere if the moths didn’t eat them. I have a bear I bought as an adult.

I still have my stuffed cat from when I was born. I’m 16 so not an adult but it is so good to sleep with

I’m 22 and still sleep with my plushie. It’s a dog and her name is Coral. I got her when I was about 10 and since then I’ve been sleeping with her. I feel absolutely no emarrassement, it’s reallly comfy and useful as a boob rest. However, it has created a dependence and I need something to hug to in order to fall asleep, so whem I’m out I need a second pillow or something 😂.

I never had one in the first place so there is none to keep.