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Break-ups can be devastating, but some can also be funny. What are your funny break-up stories?

I had my first “real” long term relationship a couple years ago, but it wasn’t for me. She was a sweet girl but took all my time, freedom and friends away from me.

Realising this I had to get my courage together and go break up with her. Thing is… I was being a bit of a pussy about it. So, like in the movies, a poured myself a drink before I walked over to her place.

Turns out I drank way to much and didn’t dare to break up with her because I thought I’d look and say ridiculous stuff.

She was soooo mad when she realised I had a shot of tequila or 8-10 and broke up with me because I “wasn’t serious about fixing the relationship”

So I failed the task…. successfully?

Got dumped for saying I didn’t believe in ghosts.

Was laying in bed with this girl I had been dating for about 3 months having some pillow talk. She asked me if I believed in ghosts and all I said was, “never seen one before.” Then she told me a story about when she was in college, there was a little ghost girl named Annie that lived in her dorm building. Apparently, she was the only one who could see and communicate with her. She said the building would often have power surges and cell-phone signal drop-outs. Said that one time, even phone flashlights wouldn’t work and it freaked everyone out. She told me that she can STILL see and communicate with her all these years later. Then she went on to tell me that her mother is a psychic who can touch you on the shoulder and tell you when you’re going to die. And that her and her sister often have the same exact dream on the same exact night and it always came true.

I’m starting to hear cuckoo clock sounds in my head at this point. Immediately after telling her story, she says “you don’t believe me do you? You think I’m lying because you don’t believe in ghosts. Why do you think I would lie about that?!” OK…PAUSE. Now you’ve just put me on the side of an argument that I never agreed to be on. It turned a bit hostile and she started making all these accusations at me for being a jerk, not believing her, etc. She ended up calming down and we went to sleep. My biggest regret is not being a man and saying, “you know what? I’m not going to deal with this shit. I’ll call you tomorrow” before getting dressed and going home. But instead I just took it. And she broke up with me two days later. That was out first and only fight/argument.

I actually saw our relationship having a future, but then this just came out of nowhere. In the three months we’d been seeing each other, NOT ONCE did I ever get the impression that she was crazy.