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Break-ups can be devastating, but some can also be funny. What are your funny break-up stories?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato una domanda rivolta ai ragazzi. Break-ups can be devastating, but some can also be funny. What are your funny break-up stories?

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We dated for about 2 years, I went to pick her up from work for a dinner date. She got in the car and I started to drive and she said “uh…” and I looked at her and said “we are basically just friends”. She said “yup” and then we drove to dinner as friends. We are still good friends today (10 years later) and anytime I note things are meh with a current GF she asks if I’m taking them to the same restaurant at the end. Always a good laugh.

When I found out I was actually the other guy when I thought we were exclusive. We had been “dating” for three years up until that point.

How I found out: someone sent me a picture of her walking down the aisle at her wedding in a big white dress.

She sang a few lyrics from the song Movin on up, by M People while dumping me

I laughed and said I was going to tell everyone what she did, and she cried, loudly

My friend in highschool in mid break up arguing with a girl said to her well atleast I don’t have a penis. I still haven’t let him live it down almost 15 years later lol

I don’t have any funny break-up stories about myself, but I have two friend stories to share:

Story #1:

Girl I know divorced her husband. Her ex-husband took her to court to contest paying child support. He is your typical “know-it-all” who thinks he is so much smarter than everyone else. So he reads up on law via Google, goes to court without a lawyer and insists on representing himself. It turns out that he actually wasn’t paying enough child support. The judge ruled that he will continue to pay child support and he now owed his ex-wife back-pay.

Story #2:

A buddy of mine’s girlfriend of many years blindsided him with wanting a separation. She was a pampered and well taken care of woman, she didn’t work and he did everything for her (cooking, cleaning, etc…). He was perfectly happy just taking care of her and working to provide for her. He was hurt but agreed to allow her to stay in the house until she can find a place of her own. He tells me that the next day she wakes up and gives him shit for not making her breakfast. He kindly reminded her that they are no longer in a relationship and that she can cook her own breakfast. She pouted and then proceeded to make burnt scrambled eggs.