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Broke ass utenti, how do you fancy up your instant noodles?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Broke ass Redditors, how do you fancy up your instant noodles?
Broke ass Redditors, how do you fancy up your instant noodles?

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Egg is the best addition

Also green onion and garlic.

People have said peas (must be frozen) but you can seriously zing things up with chopped spring onion, a little bit of fresh mushroom sliced super fine, a drop of sesame oil and (this sounds wrong but trust me) a few diced up pieces of your favourite deli meat, eg a classic smoked ham. I also use those fried shallots you can buy in little tubs or jars. Those things are awesome. Try them on your next hotdog because hot damn it’s good….. Oil get my coat

Also a tiny bit of Vegemite in the noodles is great too

Soft boiled eggs, a can of peas, any rando fresh veggies, some sesame oil, and some kind of meat.

Frozen veggies, canned meats, sliced meats (depending on what I have on hand), different sauces, garlic and onion powder, or eggs. Usually just what I have lying around that sounds good at the time.

2 spoonfulls of peanut butter melted in the bottom of your bowl. Drain noodles, put noodles in bowl. Add green onion, the noodle seasoning packet, a dash of salt, pepper, a few peanuts if you had creamy peanut butter and a little slathering of sriracha.

Mix together and enjoy.