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Citizens of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain, how would you feel about legislation to allow you to freely travel, trade, and live in each other’s countries?

Generally in favour of freedom of movement so yes please!

However as a Brit, if I had to pick between EU or Canada/Aus/NZ I would take EU like a shot. We need to get along with our neighbours rather than neglecting them. And climate change wise I’d much rather encourage travel/trade to be local than to be putting on even more long haul flights, shipping etc.

Obviously not everyone in Britain agrees with me

I’d appreciate it, since I have a bet with my friend about whether or not there’s anything other than sheep shaggers in Wales

Looks like someone wants to reestablish the british empire

I doubt that the UK would agree, seeing as they just backed out of the EU.

As a Canadian I would not support it l, as I feel we need to take care of our current housing crisis first before we allow more immigration.


I’m (Australian) sorry for my countrymen being so tight-arsed