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Ex-rich people of Internet, when did you lose everything?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Ex-rich people of MassimoL, when did you lose everything?
Ex-rich people of MassimoL, when did you lose everything?

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The Somali Civil war. My grandfather had a manufacturing company, but the war ruined it. My family used our last half-million to get our relatives out of the country.

This story went in my family, way before I was born. My family used to be very wealthy, my great-grandfather to be exact. My mother showed me a bunch of photos of wedding and the big houses, she describes my GGrandpa as a pure soul and would do favours to our family beyond money. One day my great-grandmother got really sick and my GGrandfather sold houses and spent a lot of money on making sure she got the attention she needed. My family is nowhere near rich now, we have our difficulties but we take good care of eachother. The important thing is that my GGrandmother lived longer than my GGrandfather.

Maybe not exactly rich, but my sister would have been set for life. Her father died from cancer and she lost both her eyes to cancer at the age of 6 months. The way things were set up, she was going to be able to draw her father’s social security the rest of her life so long as she never married and had a full ride to an all blind college, dorm and everything, paid for through scholarships. She was a really smart, straight A student and she was going to be a court stenographer. So, this pay combined with the social security may not have made her exactly rich, but she would have been extremely comfortable in life/close to rich.

A little white before she was suppose to leave for college, my parents found a note on to the front door. It was from her new husband, she had ran off and gotten eloped. He also discouraged her from going to college. The man was 20 years older than her, about a year or two older than my mother, who later admitted her wanted to marry my sister because she knew she’d be able to draw a disability check. So, not only did she lose her scholarships, but she also lost her father’s social security before she even received the first check from it. And that man got her involved in a lot of drugs. He was a man from the local church that basically manipulated my sister and did that thing that most abusers do by making the person they’re targeting feel incredibly special and desirable. My sister, being only 18, I think 16-17 when they met, took the bait.

They divorced and she’s clean now, had been for a few good years. But now has to live off her disability check and food stamps. She talks a lot about how she wished she had just gone off to college and it’s sad to see how one bad choice changed everything. She really encourages her daughters to focus on education and was one of the driving forces that encouraged me to get my GED when I dropped out of high school.

Loan me a few million dollars and find out.

Gave away all my money to camgirls.