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Financially stable people in their 30s or 40s, what are some tips for early 20s people to handle finances?

Start saving for retirement yesterday. Time is very much your friend here.

Learn about how money works. Compound interest. Escrow. All that boring stuff your parents may have mentioned.

The world has moved to a system of instant gratification. Resist that! Don’t take on unnecessary debt just to “get it now” under any circumstances. Does your phone work? You don’t need a new one. Car runs ok? You don’t need a new one, and if you do replace your car FFS don’t buy new.

Be happy with small indulgences. Yeah, go out for a drink if you want, you probably deserve it. Just don’t make it a habit. Limit dining out.

All this sounds very Buzz Killington, but it’s really just moderation. Just live reasonably within your means, don’t get married or have kids until you’re financially secure and educate yourself. Like making beer, there is no one set recipe but the basics are universal.

If you cant afford 3 of it, you cant afford it