Racconti di Guerra

Don’t lie to me, you boys been drinking?

Un altro racconto di guerra; questa volta l’utente SysAdmin907 scrive:

This is a story that happened in Germany, 1981. Dad was a 1SG at the time. The actors in this story- Dad (1SG), whiny SSG, 2 mechanics.

1SG was sitting in his office after lunch, when he had a SSG show up and wanted to report a couple of mechanics from his company just about ran him over in the motor pool. The 1SG listened to this guy whine and whine (grating on his ears) about how he could've been killed.. “Yeah yeah yeah. OK. I'll take care of it” and sends the SSG on his way.

1SG picks up the phone and calls down to the motorpool and asks the motor SGT to send the two mechanics that are on duty to his office. The 2 mechanics show up and report in front of his desk as requested.

1SG looks up says “can you two explain what happened this afternoon? I just had a soldier in here saying that two mechanics just about ran him over.”

2mechs-well, uh.. we just got back from lunch and we had to bring a truck in for an oil change..

1SG- Hmmm.. It's after lunch.. You boys go downtown for lunch and have a few beers…?

2mechs- uh… yes.. we went downtown for lunch……

1SG- don't lie to me.. You boys been drinking??

2mechs- uh.. OK. yes, we had a couple beers.

1SG- OK. I'm going to give you choices.. I have here two Article 15's typed up and signed (puts his hand on top of the stack of paper work). Or…. You two can work extra duty until I PCS out of here in 4 months. Come seem me after formation on Fridays to see if I have something for you to work on over the weekend. You work to my satisfaction, all of this goes away (pats the stack of paperwork).

2mech- We'll take the extra duty, 1SG.

1SG- OK. dismissed.

Fast forward to the last day we're in Germany. Parked out in the parking lot next to stars and stripes. We just came out of the store and was getting into the car to head to Frankfurt for the plane ride, these two guys come running up!

2mechs- 1SG! 1SG! Can we talk with you for a minute??!

1SG- Sure.

2mechs- uh, you know the paperwork…?

1SG- The article 15s? Hell, I shredded those months ago. I hope you two learned your lesson and have a great life. 🙂

2mechs- THANK YOU 1SG!!