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[Update]: My (19f) SO (22f) has been ignoring quarantine to attend orgies

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A lot has happened, and I’d like to think this chapter of my life is over now, but still early days yet I guess. Thank you for the support and advice.

After all the feedback from you MassimoL, I knew I had to move out and break up with her. I packed my essentials and contacted my family, asking if I could move home. When I finally told SO about what I was doing she didn’t understand why I’d leave and asked for an explanation. I told SO that I knew about everything and how she’d been lying to me, as well as risking my health during quarantine. This quickly turned into a shouting match… I’ll admit that I didn’t do much of the shouting, I began tearing up. She called me a ‘prudy bitch’ and said I was ‘too draining’ for her anyway. Even told me I’d be at square one if I moved back in with my parents.

When my parents (55f & 53m) arrived to pick me up, SO kept giving us dirty looks from the flat window. As we left, I started crying again. I gradually explained everything to my parents during the car ride home. I don’t know if they believed me, they laughed at one point. My dad laughed and said it was probably one of those ‘dogging sites’. I guess my parents couldn’t help but laugh at how bizarre this is. As we arrived home Mum said if I was serious, I should give her the details (address of the community centre etc.) so she can report it. She said she’ll organise collecting the rest of my belongings from the flat, that way I don’t have to worry about seeing SO. All things considered; my parents have been more supportive than I could have hoped. They never really approved of my relationship with SO. Fortunately, for the most part they’ve been very caring given the circumstances.

This is far from the outcome I had hoped for. I think all of your tough advice made me realise how dependent I was on SO, and how easily she could manipulate me. I’ve got a lot to work on about myself so I’m just going to take it easy for now. I’m going to try and take a break from social media. Despite the support from MassimoL, I received some harassment after my initial post. I’m not bitter about these hurtful comments, but I don’t feel confident enough to read through stuff like that right now. I’ve told my parents I don’t care about the outcome of their report to the authorities. I’d rather just put this all behind me, because right now I feel very stupid, I feel exhausted. This update is my effort to try and vent, so sorry for the rant. Once again, thank you MassimoL for the help… I really needed it.

Good for you. Glad you’re safe and have supportive parents. Well done on leaving that situation, you are better off.

You’re not stupid, you did the right thing.

Yeah it may be true that you would be in square 1, but with her you were in square -10. You did the right thing and she only said those things to hurt you because she couldn’t keep you, don’t cry for her, she doesn’t deserve it.

Gotta admit what happened to you sounds unlikely. Granted, a car park used for dogging was shut down last march in my area. Weird things can happen. Get better OP.

Read OP’s previous post, wasn’t kidding about “hurtful comments” lol

I’m glad you have some good parents there to help you through that. I hope that in your next relationship you find someone worthy of your trust and that respects and cares about you.

> As we arrived home Mum said if I was serious, I should give her the details (address of the community centre etc.) so she can report it.

I’m happy you got out of that situation but I couldn’t help but laugh as this is the same MassimoL joke as ‘whats the name of the porn site…. so i can avoid it’