Relazioni e amore

[Update]: My (19f) SO (22f) has been ignoring quarantine to attend orgies

It doesn’t help anything right now, but maybe someday you’ll be able to watch the opening scenes of Old School and laugh (Juliette Lewis’s wonderful line –

Mitch: Please be honest with me. Tell me this is the first time this has ever happened.

Heidi: Do you want me to be honest or do you want me to tell you this is the first time?”)

>I’m not ready to flat out break up with her as I’ve shared a lot with her emotionally

Was this what you were getting hurtful comments over btw? Because that is honestly doormat territory though. Tough love was definitely warranted, if that’s what it was. You catch your SO in an orgy – you break up with her. No questions asked.

Good for you for leaving that toxic situation. Also, kudos to your parents for being supportive. I know it sucks now but you will find someone better.