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Old-timers of Internet, which year felt worse than 2020 and why?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Old-timers of MassimoL, which year felt worse than 2020 and why?
Old-timers of MassimoL, which year felt worse than 2020 and why?

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My parents still think the economic crash of 90s that happened in Finland was worse, and has in Finland killed more people in the form of suicides than Corona has thus far.

I was just born around that time. And lets of people just lost everything. Companies folded left and right. Loan intrests were crushing people.

Then right after that we got dotcom bubble.

My grandfather said 1967, he had recently immigrated here (Detroit) from Liverpool and as many of you are aware, the summer of 67 riots in Detroit was one of the worst riots in US history, and contributed greatly to the economic collapse of Detroit that we still see plain as day today.

He worked downtown and had to drive to work with a shotgun in the passenger seat, his entire drive was past immolated neighborhoods and businesses that had been completely looted empty and were on fire or burnt to a crisp.

I’m not an oldie but I’d imagine the years between 1939-1945 were pretty rough.

2008 was a really bad year. Big financial crash, lots of people lost a lot of money, especially from their savings and retirements. Lots of layoffs, including me, and really high unemployment and few jobs to move to. Not sure it was worse than 2020, but I was better prepared for 2020 thanks to the pain of 2008.

Bombing of Serbia 1999, NATO was only supposed to bomb military objects, but they bombed hospitals, markets, random populated areas… I was in the hospital with my dad when the sirens came on the whole hospital went to the basement, lucky the hospital wasn’t hit, after the danger my dad drove us back he told me not to look out the window, being a kid I did look only to see innocent people dead along the whole street as the flea market was hit on a weekend…

I am 25yo now I still have nightmares about it occasionally. Also NATO used prohibited weapons with uranium which also caused a lot of ppl to get cancer from the radiation years after…