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Folks who prefer to wear chin diapers instead of a face mask that covers your mouth and nose properly, have you always been that stupid?

No, I’ve been carefully cultivating my stupidity over the past several years and it’s only recently reached a tipping point where it can be described as ‘that stupid’.

Thanks for noticing.

Do you feel better about yourself now, OP?

Wow, lot of mouth breathers responding to you, dude. Rubs people the wrong way when their childish, asinine behavior is questioned. They don’t want to answer, so I will for them.

“Durk e durk it fringes on my naturalized feedoms as a Mercan sitizen. Durk masks e don’t durk. They dun prevent nothin nohow. Look at Trump, he dun wear one and he had the viris. SAID IT WAS NOTHIN AND IT IS. Not as bad as the flu. PEOPLE WANNA MAKE MENWEAR ONE THEY FFACESIST! if you add the number of virus cases to the number of working cells in my brain and divide by four you get an IMPORTANT NUMBER that means something, I swear!”

Mouth breathers gotta mouth breath

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