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“gifted & talented” students of Internet, when did you realize that label was bs?

I’m constantly asked about how I managed to learn so much about programming being young, got my first Senior position at 23, so I think it panned out fine.

After I finished college and became jobless when my all friends went to jobs.

It’s not, I actually enjoyed the additional challenge as I was bored in other classes.

I am a bit surprised the rage in this thread. My eldest looks like she will be accepted into the program. Pretty proud of her. Oh well.

“Gifted and talented” means nothing without ambition, discipline or social skills. I am an animator and had a classmate in university who is EXTREMELY talented. He’d do industry level stuff in freshman year. Then he got into hard drugs and I haven’t hear from him since he dropped out during the third year; makes me sad that he went down that road.

I also had another classmate who is an incredible artist but who was too shy to get it out into the world, and even though all he got were compliments, he didn’t like showing his portfolio. His work is still impressive but he can’t land a job.

And on the other hand I know so many classmates who worked, practised, learned and built their way through their own insecurities, got their own style, became masters at their own thing and are doing awesome!