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“gifted & talented” students of Internet, when did you realize that label was bs?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: “gifted & talented” students of MassimoL, when did you realize that label was bs?
“gifted & talented” students of MassimoL, when did you realize that label was bs?

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My gift is excellent memory retention. It serves me well but because of it I haven’t formed good study habits. It can only take you so far.

I realized it early. Had a teacher even recommend MENSA to me. But, it really doesn’t matter how smart you are in this world. Opportunities don’t seek the worthy. Your ambition will carry you farther than anything else.

I was always told I had exceptional drawing skills in elementary school. However, when I got to middle and high, I found out I was actually shit compared to everyone else in art class. I mostly drew anime and cartoons, but a lot of people knew how to draw realistic human body shapes.

It’s actually panned out for me. As an adult I’ve seemed to have an easier time picking things up than my coworkers (I work in tech, so there’s plenty of opportunities to pick stuff up).

It’s not entirely bs. It’s just that you need the motivation to back it up. I was “gifted.” I joined mensa for a year. My whole childhood I had teachers and counselors and relatives telling me I could do great things. Except…none of that matters when you get a court ordered GED, fuck off 2 semesters of community college, and spend the next decade and a half doing manual labor. ADHD and bouts of crippling depression certainly don’t help.

I’m finally trying to turn it around by getting into CS (ADHD is really trying to fuck me on this one), but 31 years into life I’m a big ol’ bag of wasted potential.