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Guys of Internet, what non-sexual things do you wish girls did to you more often?

A genuine compliment goes a long way for us.

I dated a girl who would wrap her arms around me and kiss my cheek multiple times. Even tho we broke up, it still makes me smile when I think about it

Be nice to me

Hmmm if I had to pick one thing I’d probably say be more physical with me especially in a relationship. Everything doesn’t have to be sexual but we sit down together, grab my hand. If we are watching a movie and you don’t want to snuggle, put your leg on me. Random kisses on the cheek from time to time, hugs from behind are actually nice.

Honestly, just a hug. I grew up with very physical female friends. Hello = hug. Goodbye = hug. You’re funny = hug. Around middle school, that started to change because if you hugged someone it meant you were dating (yes, I know that’s stupid). Now, the most physical contact I get with anyone other than my SO is a fist bump. Hell, not even that since Covid.