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Consiglio: If you have a boss who seems to get away with things, document EVERYTHING they do so that when you go to file a complaint you have evidence to back your claims

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And make copies!!!!! I had to submit paperwork twice because the first time the “paperwork went home with a superior and they lost it” and they wanted my notebook

I spent 2 years documenting my boss.

Time and time again people would report or complain about him and it would be swept under the rug because at the end of the day, it was a he said-she said type of ordeal.

I had an entire notebook FULL of every single thing he has ever done that went against our companies rules. I even wrote down the rule he broke and gave an example of how he broke it.

I included names of witnesses- some of those being my superiors, time-stamps, DETAILED descriptions of what was said that day and made sure I included the things he said that only he should have known. As in, he would hear confidential things about employees and then run back to a few of us to talk about them maliciously.

EditI didn’t record him because I was bored and wanted something to do. I was 22 years old working in a male dominated industry who had a 60+ yr old boss that talked about fucking me We had a GIGANTIC computer system that read underground pumps, at least 6 feet tall and every single day he would walk into my office and say “let’s just go back behind them machines, drop our pants, and see what kind of trouble we can get into!” And if I replied “haha” he would follow up with “I’m too old anyway I wouldn’t even know what to do with myself”
And honestly, those who say I should have quit and moved on, had I NEVER risked doing something like this he would STILL have his job as someone with power and would STILL be making the few females here uncomfortable. I fully believe he would have went rounds with me had I reciprocated and there’s no telling how many younger girls felt like they had to do something to get on his good side- because he would often remind me he played favorites and would often tell me if I didn’t make the company happy they’ll find someone who will.