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Haunted house workers, what is something that a guest had said or done that made you break character?

About 3 years ago, (I was 10 at the time,) I was working at a Haunted Pioneer town thing for Halloween. They didn’t have too many regulations at the time, as it was fairly new.

They were serving drinks at the front, including wine. They didn’t really have any way to control how many drinks each person got, so there were a ton of wine drunk adults walking around.

I was a Ghost Bride, and needed to hang out outside the Chapel. There were a bunch of kids throwing rocks around, but I just ignored them for the most part.

There was a massive group of a bunch of drunk people, and they all came over to the chapel where I was hanging out. A bunch of them started hugging me, which I wasn’t comfortable with. I didn’t say anything though, as it was just a hug and I was trying really hard to stay in character.

This one lady, however, decided to hug me and GRAB MY ASS. I pushed her away and started screaming. I told the director about it and they kicked the lady out and warned the group. I went to the break room for about 20 minutes and cried.

The next year there were police and security guards there to make sure no other incidents happened.

A lot of other actors got harassed as well by both the rock-throwing kids and the drunk people.
The whole situation was really messed up and gross, and I’m glad they got more security.

Not a worker but caused one to break character because i was too scared. I was pretty young and with a friend, as we were walking thru a haunted maze the chainsaw dude came out and i tripped and fell into the corn. I started crying and telling him i wanted out– he totally helped me and told me which way to go for one of their like “safe” tents? Which was just around the corner. I felt kinda bad but was thankful this guy helped me. Then i had to wait outside the maze for my friends to finish.

Not a worker, but as a customer, my sister and I once took a wrong turn in the haunted house. We were cornered by a dude in a hockey mask who was revving his chainsaw as he approached and we were screaming in terror…

Then he took his mask off and said in exasperation, “guys you’re not supposed to be back here.” Then he shooed us back into the main hallway. Lol

I made a kid pee her pants. Of course, I was proud of it, because it meant I was successfully scary, but I wasn’t going to let her walk through the house in pee pants. I took off my mask and radioed someone to take her through the back.

I was only about 17 and took a job at a hauted house. I would travel the waiting line and try to creep people out. Long black robe, great ghoulish makeup. A little girl got VERY upset with me and began crying miserably and her parents tried to calm her. I dropped to my knees and took my hood down and showed her that it was just makeup by removing some with my fingers, speaking calmly the whole time (“It’s okay, it’s just me playing, I’m sorry I scared you, etc”). She was fine after a minute or so, but that was the last time I did that bit. I remember how the movie IT got to me so hell no. I still wonder about her every Halloween lol.