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Haunted house workers, what is something that a guest had said or done that made you break character?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Haunted house workers, what is something that a guest had said or done that made you break character?
Haunted house workers, what is something that a guest had said or done that made you break character?

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One night this couple comes in with a 3/4 year old girl. She is throwing a huge fit, kicking, screaming, crying, the whole 9 yards, she doesnt wanna go in.

Now, a logical human being would see this and say, “well I guess we dont go” but not these two fuckos. They keep trying to force little girl to go through the house, but she wont budge. This is causing a bit of a scene as well as backing up the line. Myself and one or two other monsters tell them “look, you gotta either get her to go in, or you gotta leave, you’re holding up the line” but they are adamant that she has to go through and she is not having it. Now were pissed off because, why the fuck are you trying to make this small child go through when she is obviously terrified and scared out of her fucking mind? We realize something has to happen, so we seek out one of the girls from further down the house who was a witch we called Baba Yaga since she was the most human looking of us. We told her the situation and asked if shed help walk the girl through the house, and she agreed.

So we bring Baba to the little girl, and she goes into this cartoonish russian accent “HellO leetle gorrl, I am Baba Yaga the gOod weetch! I am going to heyalp you scare all the mon-stors awaY!” She takes the little girls hand and off they go. We run off through the house spreading the word, “If you see Baba with a little girl, let the little girl scare you”. Sure enough, whenever they got to where one of the monsters was hiding, the little girl would yell “BOO!” and whoever was there would lose their marbles. Screaming, running around in circles, falling all over the place. Sometimes thered be more than one monster and they’d run into each other like the Three Stooges, all to the delight of the little girl, who was now giggling and jumping up and down, clapping her little hands, it was adorable. The adults that were with her look annoyed, but fuck them, the rest of the group that got lumped in with them were having a great time as well watching this tiny child scare the mean ugly monsters away.

I’ve never seen an entire house break character like that, but it was fun to be a part of

Used to work in one years ago. I worked the crowd – but mainly by standing at the entrance in a coffin that was fitted with an undertaker. I walked in the undertaker’s feet but my upper half was in the coffin. One night I was standing there. Bone still. I did my own makeup and frankly it was good. Made me look “fake”.

I’m standing there completely silent and still. Some German woman; drunk (because you can smell the beer on her) goes “is he real?” Cue me to kick the back of the coffin as a jump scare. She then proceeds to back hand me across the face.

She did not get to go through the haunted house and was not refunded her money.

I said “I’m gonna skin you bitch!”

She replied, “no you’re the skinny bitch!”

I broke character and told her what I really said.

Maaan, I was there to scare not bodyshame.

As a haunted house customer…

I walked into a room full of female performers dressed as asylum inmates, with crazy hair and tattered straightjackets and everything, all muttering “They’re here, they’re coming,” stuff like that. One got right up and glared at me and for some reason my brain said “So… what time do you get off?” I definitely saw a little crack-up.

I thought I had a pretty good shot at it until she got killed by the guy with the chainsaw.

Worked a haunted trail/hayride when I was younger. When we see someone clearly not into it we’d ask if they were okay and if not we had a codeword we’d pass down the line to let them just go through. Not sure if others worked like this though…