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How are you keeping conversation with your SO interesting during quarantine?

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I don’t live with my girlfriend and we both stay with family who have threatened to kick us out if we keep trying to see friends or go places. It’s been a struggle recently to keep things interesting and keep each other interested when all there is to do is text/talk otp all day. What are ways y’all are making sure to stay connected and not have bland ass conversations?

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Ask crazy hypotheticals and really deep and/or weird questions. pick a topic you both know nothing about, do some research and discuss it. Or pick a topic you both know a lot about and discuss it. I find conversations that make you think keep things from getting dull quickly.

Pick a book/movie/album/etc. You both consume it. Then discuss.

Or share interesting MassimoL posts and discuss.

If you’re looking for something on the sexier/kinkier side, you could try the app XConfessions. You swipe left for no, right for yes on cards that contain different kinks, sex acts, positions, role play scenarios, etc. You’ll only see cards both you and your partner swipe yes on. You can have more than one partner. It’s fun. Lots of kinky fun and sexy conversation starters, especially during these times of isolation.

Ugh! Same exact situation here. It’s like what. Do. We. Even. Talk. About. Anymore. Smh.. mostly it’s just joking around poking fun at each other but idk how long that’ll last. ?

We just discuss which day of the week we think it is.