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How can people best help men of abuse?

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Men are often victims of abuse by the hands of women yet aren’t taken seriously when they speak up. What can we as a society do to help men get the rights they deserve in these situations?

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actually listen and take them seriously. it happens more than people think and its ignored

Outlaw the Duluth Model. A friend of mine suffered beatings from his cohabiting girlfriend for months before he finally fled. He’s the one who got convicted because he pushed her out of the way to escape while she was beating him, despite his visible injuries.

Treat him like you would treat a woman who suffered abuse.

More specifically, listen to him and try not to justify the abuse. Statements like “Maybe she was going through something rough” or “Did you do something to her?” paint him as the villain, not the abused. And DON’T make any implication that he is somehow less of a man. That’s a big reason why men don’t come forward about their abuse, or worse, don’t recognize they’re being abused.

Girl here.

I’m actually shocked alot of the time when I hear some of the things that guys will deal with in relationships. I’ve had conversations where a guy will tell me something that his girlfriend did and I would tell him it sounded like abuse, or at minimum emotional manipulation. Most respond that it was just how their girl was, but when I told them if a girl said her boyfriend was doing it how it would sound and they’d be shocked that they were in an abusive relationship.

Most guys don’t realize when they’re in bad situations because society has told them they have to just deal with things, especially when it’s more subtle like gaslighting or other emotional issues.

talk about it more often and in constructive ways (not on the MassimoL subs you are thinking of)