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How did Shrek change your life?

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How did Shrek change your life?

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Upon seeing the film, I had suddenly become a person who had seen Shrek.

Honestly, I know this is a joke, but Fiona STAYED ugly in the end because it was closer to her true self. She was able to admit that being a pretty princess wasn’t her thing, she only wanted it because that’s what everyone expected. After years of hating myself for not looking like a Disney Princess, seeing that much self acceptance really stuck with me. I saw that movie for the first time right after I got my first pair of glasses, and it did wonders for my self esteem.

I was always one of the unattractive people growing up, I was made fun of for my looks and even mentioning a crush was asking for hate. I barely had any friends and the friends I did get were people that didn’t stick around long, so I was pretty much alone most of the time. I started dislike the world and getting angry. Over time, I gained a really good friend online, (who is still my friend) and even though I get annoyed with him sometimes, he’s always been there for me.

Since the movie came out, I really resonated with the scene:

Donkey: “Who are you trying to keep out? Just tell me that, Shrek. Who?”


Donkey: “What exactly is your problem, Shrek? What you got against the world, huh?”

Shrek: “I’m not the one with the problem, okay? It’s the world that seems to have a problem with me! People take one look at me and go “Arrrgh! Help! Run! A big stupid ugly ogre!!” They judge me before they even know me. That’s why I’m better off alone.”

I really relate to this. Now, I can handle my own, but back then, he said it perfectly. I was this ogre of a human that no one wanted to be around, simply because of the way I looked and it was frustrating and hurtful. The thing is that people still do it, but the important thing is that I had someone to relate to and that someone hot everything in the end and it makes me feel very hopeful.

I’m a better person because of shrek, he made pooping easier for me.

Acceptance of my body type and that looks are not everything