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How do you forgive yourself for all the cringe/stupid things you’ve done in the past?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato una domanda rivolta alle donne.How do you forgive yourself for all the cringe/stupid things you’ve done in the past?

Ed ecco le risposte del genere femminile:

I say fuck it and keep on going. I’m human I’m going to fuck up and make mistakes. I have no regrets in my life because if I didn’t take the steps I did my life might’ve been different.

Try this:

Think of the worst cringe thing your closest friend has done. You might be able to think of one or two things, which you wouldn’t hold against them anyways.

Then try to think of the worst cringe thing anyone else you know has done. I bet you draw a blank.

The fact is, most people don’t really remember the awkward or weird things other people have done. You shouldn’t dwell on the things you’ve done because, well, no one really remembers you’ve done them anyways.

We are human. We make mistakes. If we forgive others we gotta forgive ourselves too. Not gonna lie tho, when I remember stuff I still cringe and laugh/make weird noises to myself. but oh well, gotta move on with life ?

This quote has helped me – “at that time, I made the best decision with all the information I had available for me.”

I also like to think a lot of my mistakes and stupid fuckups resulted in 1) a lesson learned 2) a great story to tell my friends 3) wisdom 4) something better down the road.

Acknowledge all humans have a past. I don’t hold it against my neighbor that she did, said or enjoyed what ever it is when she was 14, 19 or last week. I like my neighbor now. Likewise, why hold yourself to a different standard.
Besides the stranger your past the better stories you have IF YOU’VE LEARNED TO LAUGH AT YOURSELF

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