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How does one lose 20 pounds by Christmas?

I’ll tel you! Eat less (and move more if you can). I literally have lost 30 pounds in the last 3 months as of this morning. I aim for 750-1000 calorie deficit every day, and run a 5k every night before bed. It worked for me. Still eat cake and bacon and whatever I want, it’s all about calories in calories out.

run/do cardio daily and diet. The formula is simple. More calories out than in. Don’t drink beer. I’m only 12 days into sober October and am down 5 lbs already. I expect to lose at least 10 lbs by the end of this month

Cut off a limb

Intermittent fasting coupled with either keto or a whole food plant based diet being sure to keep calories in line with your TDEE. You can drop the booze but if you don’t, just have to account for the calories. You will see a difference in a week!

Figure out which foods are hurting your body. Listen to it. I ignored my body for years, until one day I got super ill and almost ended up in hospital. I realised my body didn’t like milk or the high sugar intake I was having. Flour products were also a culprit. I cut them out, it was hard, but I dropped 20kg within 2 months.