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How has the pandemic changed your perspective on Dating apps? Have you come to realize anything due to this?

They suck and still suck. I’ve always lived in the suburbs, can swipe through pretty much every woman in 25-50 miles swiping right on a large majority of them (not 100% because my account will look like a bot), and I will get nothing substantial out of it. Just recently had a girl I messaged months ago reply to me out of the blue, her first question? “Do you want a sugar baby?” Amazing, I’m only worth something to you cause I have a job and money. Thanks. Real confident booster.

I honestly lost hope in meeting someone online through a dating website. I make better connections in games or VR than those websites.

Nothing really changed them for me, they’ve always been shit as a woman looking for other women.

99.99% of people on there fall into one of four categories

  • Straight men who set their profiles to female because they’re idiots

  • Straight couples looking for a unicorn, and invariably, the girl is a 8/10 and the guy is a 1/10

  • Straight and bi-curious women who just make profiles for attention and never actually want to do anything

  • Actual lesbians or other WLW who will ghost you for no reason (though even this is very rare compared to the other three groups)

That I look fucking ugly in photos, thank God for talking to people IRL

The pickings are 10 times worse.

It was the first time I was thinking about downloading a dating apps. I talked about it to one of my friend and she helped me creating my tinder account. I really like my friend but after the lock down I knew if we hung out it would be only us, they wouldn’t introduce me to someone.
Bar and restaurant were closed I didn’t know how to met new people. And I needed to see new people as I broke up with my ex at the beginning at the lock down. Well in May I had a few dates with a guy and he is now my boyfriend for 3 months. Sorry for bad English if it is, I’m French