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How has the pandemic changed your perspective on Dating apps? Have you come to realize anything due to this?

I’ve learned to enjoy and treasure being alone. Of course, I’m open to relationships, but I don’t feel the constant need to have one like I used to. Also, I’ve realized I could spend the rest of my life without sex and wouldn’t miss it.

I have been using them for ages.

However, I have been doing so during the pandemic, more with the intention of passing the time, rather than actually finding a partner (either casual or long term), leading to more matches just ‘fizzling out’, rather than leading to a date (or more) and being formally ended.

Unfortunately, lots of people have gone on there out of boredom. Sure, that means there are more potential matches, but also a much, much larger number of men without any pictures of themselves (either no pics, or something like an animal, a ‘meaningful’ quote, etc), men stating in their bio to just be looking (no interest in actually matching anyone, much less building a relationship. Sometimes even flat out stating they are already in one, just bored), and, most annoyingly, men deleting their profile (and thereby the match/conversation), only to pop up with an identical profile the next day.

So, if anything, I have started to exchange phone numbers with anyone I actually enjoy talking to a lot quicker.

Here’s what I see:

  • Women asking for sugar daddies
  • women disguised as sugar babies
  • hookups
  • normal people with okay profiles
  • women who plaster their WeChat everywhere
  • women who don’t respond for 2+ weeks

I’ve gotten one good match where we had a good conversation pre-COVID but she just stopped talking to me after while. I don’t know what I said to have her stop talking to me but oh well.

I stopped dating apps years and years ago.

Depending on how you wish to view ultimate results, Facebook was much more effective yet devastating. Basically, got lots of dates and a couple relationships out of it, but the shared social media circle of it made aftermath horrific.

Moved to a new city across the country a month before the pandemic. In my 20s and generally want and feel like I should be dating but these circumstances make it impossible to meet new people. Gave the dating apps a shot. I think they are horribly depressing and genuinely hate using them and it’s pretty difficult to find people you have common interests with and to make a genuine connection. All that being said recently went on a second date with someone I think I have a lot in common with and am genuinely interested in so I guess they are not 100% bad.