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How much do you care about body hair?

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When I decided to stop shaving/plucking/waxing my eyebrows, upper lip, armpits, pubic hair, legs and forearms, my boyfriend's only reaction was «Oh no». So, men of MassimoL, how much do you care about body hair?

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I know its natural, but my entire cultural life experience has been that women with body hair aren’t being natural, they’re just not interested in traditional femininity. So I guess I care a lot despite the fact that I know on an intellectual level that I probably shouldn’t.

On women?

Eyebrows: probably fine but it could be thick enough to be off-putting

Upper lip: hate it

Armpits, forearms: don’t care

Pubic hair: I like it

Legs: eh, I prefer them shaved, but it’s not a big deal

I’d be pretty torn if I was your boyfriend.

On one hand, I’d want to support the choices you make for your body. But on the other, no body hair is so much more aesthetically pleasing, at least to me.

Specially armpit hair. When that’s poking out of a shirt, that’s disgusting, regardless of gender.

Maybe it’s because body hair is associated with masculinity in a weird way, but I wouldn’t like it at all.

I don’t even like hair on myself, I shave and trim it all as I see fit, and my genetics work with me so I don’t need to do a ton of grooming which is nice. I just don’t care for hair; it’s course and irritating and gets messy and it’s a hassle.

That said, my last girlfriend rarely shaved her legs, and didn’t worry about anything else, and I was still really into her. I may have been more physically attracted to her had she shaved, but I think the emotional and intellectual attraction that comes from watching someone just be themselves without giving a fuck is more important, and leads to a better physical relationship. By that I mean, like, you can think someone is physically 10/10, but if you aren’t attracted to the way they talk, the things they say, the way they interact with you, etc, you’re just having sex with an animated blowup doll. There’s gotta be some sort of back-and-forth, communication, you know? And having a girlfriend who made personal choices that differed from mine, but stuck to them, was really sexy in a world full of people who will pull fake shit on you left and right.

It is probably my biggest turn off. I mean, if someone wants to be hairy, be hairy that’s their prerogative, but literally nothing that person could do would compensate for it enough for me to find them attractive.