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How universal is waving?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: How universal is waving?

Have other cultures around the world used waving as a way to say “hello” without it being introduced by another culture?

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Waving comes from showing empty hands. Upon meeting a stranger or strange tribe, you would show no Ill intent by showing you weren’t carrying a weapon. Same as handshakes being right handed. If you’re shaking hands, you’re not reaching for a dagger or sword.

I’d say every human understands it. Humans don’t all speak the language so meeting a new tribe might be a little messy, so an extremely quick and efficient way to say “I am a friend” is by displaying your palms to display no weapons and waving them to grab a person attention since humans are drawn to motion.

I believe in most societies, like 95%, waving in seen as a greeting

Don’t do it in Greece

I would think think that waving your arms is a pretty universal thing for humans in order to get someone else’s attention from far away or want to stand out from a crowd or so.