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If life was someday proven to be a simulation, what glitch or anomaly could you point to as a major clue we’d missed?

I’ve had some really weird coincidences in my life. Like statistically unbelievable.

I think that and as u/YaaYaa_ pointed out about deja vu would be it

Edit: Coincidences:

I was born in a really small town and moved ~700mi away when I was 5yo.

I grew up with a girl that was born a day before me in the same hospital and we didn’t realize we were from the same town.

My bus driver in middle school was from the county over.

I ended up becoming best friends with a guy I skated with in college and highschool who randomly dropped his/our hometown name.

Later on maybe 12 years later, when I was bartending I was giving a coworker shit for his NY accent and then he told me his/our hometown’s name.

I ended up doing AmeriCorps (volunteer stuff) and I wanted to go as far away as possible (17hr drive,, over 1k mi). Turned out the county name was the same as my birthplace.

There’s some other stuff with numbers but it’s zipcodes and I’m gonna keep it private.

Appendix. Fuck those things.

Dreaming. How it could be a gateway to another universe or version of yourself, and how do we manage to forget most dreams especially the important ones.

Deja vu(sp?). Any explanation that has been offered sounds a whole lot like science pullin the “thats not a glitch! It’s a feature!” routine.

Black holes are definitely a hole in the map. What’s down/over/up/through there? We haven’t the faintest idea but once you go through good luck comin back.

Austrailia. It’s the first continent of a DLC we never got and now it just feels…off…somehow. It was going to be the one you play when you’ve beaten the rest and are growing bored.

the gates of hell

It’s a crater that’s been burning for over 40 years straight. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with it being in the desert and surrounded by gases, but the fact that it’s been like that for 40+ years is insane.