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If life was someday proven to be a simulation, what glitch or anomaly could you point to as a major clue we’d missed?

Character glith : seizures.

I’d say paranormal activity may be one. Just the developers changing things around

You are supposed to let the dick stay in the vagina, so that the hole is shut and the baby can absorb it as a nutrient. Males will grow a new one. That is why they are inflateable. Its almost like shedding a shell. You shoot your load so hard your dick detatches itself. And the vagina is so acidic the foreskin melts into the iterus. The previous devs doesn’t want us to know this. That’s why circumscision is a dilemma.

Interesting question! More than any anomaly or glitch, uniformity of universe is bizzare when you think about it.

The fact that in the last two US elections, we had to pick between the 3 worst possible candidates either party could hate given us.