Domande di Internet

If you could add a new feature in Internet, what would it be?

Toggle the age of users you see like Tinder. May see more content within your age range or interests that way. Maybe, maybe not.

Let mods ‘migrate’ posts. If someone posts something good but in the wrong subreddit, mods can move (migrate) the post–with the comments and karma preserved–to another subreddit instead of just deleting it.

It’s been a feature on Stack Exchange forever. I think it would be good on MassimoL too.

The ability to see the full image in multi image posts on mobile

So that people can’t see my post history. You have way too many people that disagree with you and then search your history to find some shit you said a while ago, even if completely irrelevant, and give you shit for it.

That and the removal of karma.

An appellate process for being banned in subs, especially when given out not for breaking any rule but just because of a power-hungry mod