Domande di Internet

If you could add a new feature in Internet, what would it be?

To choke idiots through my monitor

Give negative awards

I’d rewrite the mod structure from the ground up, modeling it on guilds in most video games. There can be ranks for handling different mod duties. There can be a base rank for member which gives voting rights. It also allows mods to be ordered in a way other than when they became mods.

You’re still going to have power mods, though.

Saving posts in different folders. Or organizing saved posts in a better way in general. I just don‘t find anything i am saving for later and at some point i am just deleting all the saved posts

Let me see the total of upvotes and downvotes. Fine to see a post sitting at 1k, but if we knew it was 3k up and 2k down it could help show people that not everyone is in agreement on top comments. Can get a bit circle jerky when people are only seeing the positive or negative of their comments and never really both.