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What’s a regret you have from your late teens/early 20s?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato una domanda rivolta ai ragazzi. What’s a regret you have from your late teens/early 20s?

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not being able to walk away sooner from a toxic relationship.

Spent too much time being insecure and shy for no damn reason. I passed on a lot of opportunities,not just with women but in general, because I had the stupid idea that I’m somehow not good enough.

Not focusing on my weight until now (25). Im pretty sure during this quarantine I hit like 260, but I’ve been hovering around 230-250 since junior year of high school and I just always shrugged it off as “oh I’m just naturally a big dude.” No, it’s because you love cheese fries so damn and don’t wanna not be lazy. So yeah, now I finally took the plunge to work on weight loss, I’ve already lost like 10 pounds in two weeks and I don’t feel any pressure to go back to my old ways.

Missing parties, events, outings, dinners, and avoiding people and prospects of romantic relationships with people I liked and sex because I thought I was too ugly. Didn’t even eat birthday cake once a year on my own birthday in case I got fat.

I still think I’m too ugly, I just do those things anyway now

I sometimes wonder if I picked the right studies in university, would’ve made career planning less stressful.

Definitely regret leaving the (volunteer) fire department after moving during university only to re-enter five years later. Missed a lot of opportunities meanwhile the peers at home climbed the qualification and career ladder.