[Minecraft] Steve (The Player) is a dimension traveler that is stranded/exiled to the Minecraft universe.

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[Minecraft] Steve (The Player) is a dimension traveler that is stranded/exiled to the Minecraft universe. e ci spiega:

My theory is fairly simple. I believe the player in minecraft is a dimension traveler originally from another dimension similar to our own – one that is highly advanced. More importantly, I believe that the player is either stranded, or has been sent into exile.

What is a dimension traveler? My idea is that it is very similar to a time traveler, except instead of being capable of traveling to different points in a given timeline, you are traveling to different locations across a multiverse spectrum. I believe the player is originally from a highly advanced society that discovered how to cross into different dimensions the have branched off from its own, and I believe The Player is one of these dimension travelers from this society that has either been sent into exile or has become stranded with no way to return.

This Theory would explain the following:

1.) Why Steve can create Portals to The Nether and The End

2.) Why Steve is the only being of his kind to exist in the Minecraft world

3.) Why the Minecraft world closely resembles our own (trees, pigs, cows, wheat), while also being distinct from it and alien (magic, slimes, drowned, etc.)

4.) Why the Minecraft world has its own set of physics

5.) Why the Player never returns to the place where they originate from

6.) Why it's difficult to contextualize a lot of the unexplained artifacts we discover in the Minecraft world – because it's not “our” world originally.

+7.) Why the default setting is “Survival Mode”.

+The plot of minecraft is Steve trying to survive long enough to figure out a way to construct a portal back to his own reality.

Edits for more expansion on this theory.