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Why do older adults expect 19-20 year olds to have their life together?

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Yes im 19, I live with my parents, I'm in first year university, but adults ask me things like “so you still live with ur parents?” Etc etc. I'm still confused in this world as i was at 16 and i still feel like a kid. I don't have a excel document w my expenses or anything like that. I feel like a typical teenager still. So yeah

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I had no clue what I was doing by 20, and neither did anyone I knew. It’s actually common around the world to remain with your parents well into your 20’s, and in Croatia the average is even 32. The idea to leave home at 18 came post-WW2 when it was possible to buy a house and a car on a minimum wage salary. It’s a really goofy American idea to expect an 18-year-old to know exactly what they want in life and exactly how to get it, we would all be a little more comfortable if it was common to be able to take time to figure out what your life is about.

When you’re 35, you’re still going to feel like the same person. You don’t wake up one day and think “hey paying bills is fun I think I’ll do that instead of paying video games”… You just realize that this is you, this is your life, how good is it going to be? And you make choices that get you where you go next.

The only thing that really changes is your level of experience.

Because that was the expectation placed upon them, and on their parents and so on.

Whether these expectations are justified in comparison, is a different conversation.

Those are the standards they were held to, some people get kicked out at 18-20 and are barely getting by vs people in their mid/late 20’s still living with mom and dad who are responsible adults saving money.

I’m mexican and people living with family in their mid/late 20’s or even when starting a family in their parents’ home is completely normal and common.

Don’t let people mislead you, there is nothing wrong with living with your parents so long as you help out and yall get along, people just become bitter when they’re losing 1500$ a month on rent instead of spending 200-300$ a month and saving the rest for a down payment on a house.

Adults do not expect you to have your life together at 19.

You are an adult, so they expect to see efforts from you in that direction.