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If you had the power to design the sex education curriculum, what do you wish had been taught to the younger version of yourself while in school?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato una domanda rivolta alle donne.If you had the power to design the sex education curriculum, what do you wish had been taught to the younger version of yourself while in school?

Ed ecco le risposte del genere femminile:


Consent should be ongoing, and people should communicate with and check in with their partners.

PIV should not hurt women, and women should not be expected to endure pain and discomfort just so their partners can get off.

That Plan B doesn’t work if you’re ovulating… I could saved that $40 apparently.

I had pretty detailed, comprehensive sex ed and honestly myself and a lot of my friends were still completely baffled and had big misconceptions based on the sex ed classes that lasted years. I’d probably do a refresher course at least yearly rather than just a few major sessions so that the late bloomers could have time to come up with questions and get over the embarrassment enough to absorb the information.

I’m a millennial but even back then there probably should have been some discussions of internet safety and porn use that was really lacking. Also my school’s program was so focused on making sure girls didn’t get pressured into sex that it kind of made it seem Iike women never want sex and only do it for male attention. Great intentions but accidentally stigmatizing.

That sex isn’t limited to PIV, that you can get sexual diseases from oral too, more about non-hetero sexual interaction, and more about consent and pleasure.
Also add something about contraceptive and their pro and cons, with transparency. And talk about abortion in a non-stigmatizing way.

Sex isn’t only for reproduction.


Signs of abusive/toxic behavior
That it’s OK to say no.
Sex is ment to be fun for BOTH of you

Protective behaviours, birth control for all types of sexualities, resources to contact outside of school to discuss things further.

I it would have helped to know that the clitoris is not only a little knob but also a whole swelling part.

And that period pain is not normal and often an indicator of sometimes serious health problems.

Also Gender and Sexuality should be taught like an spectrum not an binary. We know that there are gendervariations based on genes and hormones. Also people might be attracted more towards one gender then another. Kids should learn that there is no good or bad attraction/gender and they need to have the vocabulary to communicate what they feel.

For older kids I would make an Periode simulator mandatory. Too many man, even young man, dismiss the pain.

More comprehensive understanding of periods/a woman’s cycle. How pregnancy is 40 weeks but you’re basically not even “pregnant” for the first two and generally can’t find out much before 4 weeks. It absolutely baffles me how some women still don’t understand this even after living through it, and I entirely blame (lack of) sex Ed for that

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