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Men of Internet, how many frozen chicken nuggets do you think you could throw at an infant before you knock them out clean?

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You are about 10ft away from them and you have an infinite supply of frozen nuggets, just how many would u need to throw at them before they get knocked out?

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To answer your question, OP, about 3. My aim isn’t great, but once you clock them on the head, they’re done.

Can I throw handfuls or just one at a time?

Well my aim is about as good as a drunk person with Parkinson’s trying to play darts during an earthquake so probably a small mountain of them.

I mean…one if I’m accurate enough

Never thought about how hard one would have to fling a frozen nugget at a kid to knock them out. The babies and toddlers I know have inflicted some vicious shots on their own heads without getting knocked the fuck out.

I am not sure a human can fling a frozen nugget hard enough on their own. Like give me a sling and I am pretty sure u can knock out a kid with a frozen nugget.
Arm power alone… Kid pass out from blood loss before getting knocked out.