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Men of Internet who stopped wanting to have sex with their wives, why? And what happened?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato una domanda rivolta ai ragazzi. Men of MassimoL who stopped wanting to have sex with their wives, why? And what happened?

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Like many others in here, it’s become common place in our marriage that I will try to instigate, but get turned down for whatever reasons. For me, I don’t really even try anymore because she has such deep emotional and mental problems she refuses to get help for. Depression, horrible anxiety, so on. We could be having a great day. Spend the day together cuddling, have a great meal, cuddle on the couch to watch a Romcom she loves, and then try to start something only to get pushed away/turned down… Makes you not want to even try anymore. Which is basically where i am at now.

She refused to get the help she needed with self harm, and alcoholism. The stress and anxiety of her either cutting herself daily and blaming it on me, or getting off work to find her not home, and often passed out drunk in her car somewhere was too much for me to even consider sex.

There’s a whole sub dedicated to that r/deadbedrooms both male and female versions. It’s pretty depressing there ngl.

She turned me down once too many….

My ex-wife… She became less and less interested in sex with me, and more emotionally distant. I suspected she was cheating on me (spoiler alert: I was right). I could tell that sex was more of a “let’s get this over with” than something she enjoyed or wanted to do. So I stopped trying because it was no longer a pleasant experience. Funny thing is that she used that as a reason for cheating, but she was cheating on me long before that.