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Online Therapy FAQs

The health emergency caused by the Coronavirus is significantly affecting the emotional well-being of the community.

In this period of quarantine, isolation, the increase in perceived psychological stress, fear, anxious reactions, feelings of sadness, helplessness and apathy but also irritability and nervousness are more frequent.

These are symptoms that can arise suddenly in living this experience, without having ever suffered from it before, or the current situation could lead to worsening the pre-existing psychological suffering conditions in people already suffering from anxiety, stress, depression and more.

In all these cases, psychological intervention may be useful or necessary (depending on the severity of the symptoms). The current condition of quarantine makes it impossible for all of us to leave the house and go to professional offices but, with the help of the web, it is possible to contact a psychotherapist by carrying out the counseling via video call.

But how does an online consultation work? Here is a list of frequently asked questions that may help you understand how online therapy works.

1 – Who can carry out Online Psychological Counseling?

Psychological and psychotherapeutic interventions, both in studio and online services, can only be carried out by professionals regularly licensed.

2 – Can everyone request an Online Psychological Consultation?

Online interventions are not suitable for people with suicidal tendencies, people with an altered reality test (psychosis, schizophrenia), people in a manic phase or other psychiatric disorders that put the person’s safety at risk. In these cases it is advisable to contact the territorial psychiatric services which, even in this period of quarantine, are operational.

3 – What do I need to take advantage of Online Psychological Counseling?

There is no need for special equipment. You need a PC (with webcam and microphone), a tablet but also your smartphone with a good internet connection… and a quiet place!

4 – How does an Online Psychological Consultation take place?

Just like the sitting in the studio. At the established time, the psychotherapist will open the audio-video communication with you. The platforms used (Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts) guarantee privacy thanks to end-to-end encryption. The meeting will last about one hour with a frequency of once a week.

5 – And if the line falls during the match, what do I do?

There is nothing to worry about! If there are connection problems and / or this should be interrupted, the psychotherapist will endeavor to restore the connection and resume the interview from the point of interruption.

6 – I am afraid of carrying out an online consultation, and if by chance I find myself embarrassed?

An online therapy develops as in the office, with the exception of the virtual medium that allows you to get in touch with the patient regardless of where you are. It is the specialist’s task to make contact with the patient and establish fluid communication. Usually, professionals who offer online therapy have a close and close relationship with their patients which facilitates the knowledge of their fears and concerns, their problems and their psychological suffering.

7 – I live with my family or with roommates, I’m afraid of not having my privacy, what can I do?

It is understandable to have these fears, especially at a time like this where it is impossible to go out. It is advisable to ask your family members or roommates to leave you alone in a room for an hour and put on a background music that confuses listening to your words … just like psychotherapists do in the waiting rooms of our studios!

8- What is the right type of therapy for me?
There are different types of therapies that can be tailored to your needs.
(Solution-focused brief therapy is one of them:
Talk to a psychotherapist to find and understand what is the best approach for you.