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People in Lebanon, how are things progressing since the blast?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: People in Lebanon, how are things progressing since the blast?
People in Lebanon, how are things progressing since the blast?

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Well, yesterday there was another small blast, 3 dead and around 50 injured (it was due to someone improperly storing gasoline).

Today early in the morning there was an additional small one because of a gas tank in a restaurant.

Fires all over the country and the fire fighters barely have any capabilities to extinguish them.

Still no government, and there probably won’t be one before the US elections, while our national bank’s USD reserves are drained and will barely be enough to keep supporting the prices of fuel and medicaments in the light of the extreme currency inflation.

TL;DR: we’re still going full speed towards hell

‘I Don’t Want This Fate For My Children’: Lebanese Leave Amid Growing Crisis –

From Lebanon, not currently living there.

The government has resigned, the interim government has resigned, the economic issues brought on by COVID have been exacerbated, the Lira has been devalued 5x (from 1,500 Lira for $1USD to 7,500), there’s been a run on the banks and they’ve had to limit people’s ability to withdraw money, and stores apparently don’t have food on the shelves. My cousins told me they had to drive 45 min (a long drive in Lebanon) and pay a fortune just to get beef.

Honestly from speaking to my family in Venezuela, it really sounds like things are going down the same path.

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Lebanese here. I was lucky enough to grow up abroad (UAE) and only came to Lebanon for uni. That was 4 years ago and since everything is online now anyway, I’m packing my things and leaving for good. My Lebanese friends who similarly grew up abroad are doing the same. Hell some of them have been gone since February due to Corona and the financial crisis. The sad part is even my friends who have lived in Lebanon all their lives and aren’t exactly well off financially, are crossing their fingers and leaving the country as well. It sucks that my friends and I deemed our home country too dangerous to live in but hey, it is what it is. Who knows? Maybe one day it’ll be safe again but until that happens, I’m staying with my parents and so are the rest of my friends.