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People of Internet. Would you like to move to USA? Why? Why not?

Australian here.
Due to the current state of affairs politically.
And how Covid has been handled.
It’s a no from me.

Canada on the other hand….


  • Huge country with beautiful nature / different climate conditions
  • multicultural society
  • (I am sure there are many more)


  • Gun laws, literally any idiot can possess guns in a lot of states
  • No real social security
  • No medical insurance in most cases
  • Labour rights are horrible, as far as I know
  • Electoral System i.e. for the presidential election is not really democratic
  • odd tax system
  • A lot of citizens have to work two or more different jobs to generate their income
  • crazy tuition fees for education
  • the abortion debate (Pro choice should be obvious IMO)
  • Karen people

No, I’m not a communist.

I wouldn’t like to move to USA. There are many other countries where one has less chances to end up homeless.

I would like to visit though. USA is a very beautiful country.

If I was offered a decent job – yes. However, I live in China, so the bar isn’t super high lol

I’d like to live in like Washington state or Utah for a year just to enjoy nature and the Americans. Would not start a life there, seems too risky and demanding, crazy work culture.