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People of Internet. Would you like to move to USA? Why? Why not?

One of my childhood dreams in the 90’s! Cause of all the awesome “media” you got back then or sports. (i’m from germany)!

But nowadays… I don’t think so

Nope. USA has high Karen rates.

I’m Australian and you’d have to offer me a pretty fucking significant amount of money to move anywhere but here, but especially the USA.

I enjoy my free (at the point of service) healthcare,i enjoy my high minimum wage, i enjoy the huge amount of cheap local produce i can get my hands on by walking up the street, I enjoy not really having to worry about any natural disasters, i enjoy the huge amount of socialist policy intertwined in our government and i enjoy one of the relatively highest standards of living.

Nope… visit, definitely but not moving. Im better pff here with. A bjg reason is also the healthcare btw (netherlands).

Definitely not