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People who are bothered by others wearing a mask while driving. Why do you care?

It could have something to do with the fact that my college requires masks everywhere, I live on campus, and if you leave campus you’re required to wear a mask everywhere or risk expulsion, so I see these people alone in their cars willingly wear their masks and I’m just jealous that they don’t have to wear it so often that they jump at the first chance to take it off.

I don’t really get upset tho, I just look at them and feel more envy than anything else

I find it funny when I see a person driving around alone in their own car wearing a mask, but I don’t really care at all.

This comment from AdmiralGinge in the other thread explains why for me. “I wear one where required because I’m not a dick but the more this carries on, the more I’m looking forward to the day I can finally be rid of the bastard things. I really do despise them and the anonymous, dystopian vibe they create on the street, I’m not entirely sure why. I think it’s probably because it’s such a strong symbol of this atrocious year.

Also before anyone jumps down my throat, I still wear one everywhere it’s required to. I just can’t wait until it’s no longer required and I hope they die out with the pandemic, not least because of the amount of littering they’ve caused.” So it bothers me because of said anonymous, dystopian vibe.

I realized sometimes when you walk out of places you forget to take it off and next thing you know you are halfway home with a mask on

Because it’s illegal here in Germany. Always gotta know who’s driving the vehicle.