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People who wear their masks below your nose, why?

Seems a lot of people are not aware of the nose wire in the top centre of mask.

And then there are the ones that have the mask on upside down….. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Because my glasses fog up and I can’t see

People who ask this question everyday on r/AskReddit, why?

When thrift stores opened up in our area again, my wife really wanted to go. Sometimes the stores we go to are in a sketchy area, so I don’t like to leave my wife alone in the store, so I go in too. I usually take a book, sit on a sofa the store is trying to sell, and quietly read while my wife shops.

I’m extremely distanced from all other people, I’m not sick/showing no symptoms, so I pull the mask down a little under my nose so that I can feel normal while reading. If someone comes near me, I pull it over my nose.

Whether people like to say it or not, it IS easier to breathe without a mask. I still wear them, but I prefer not to.

When i see people at work doing this, i remind them constantly that their nose is connected to their lungs. They still do it. It looks so incredibly stupid.