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People who wear their masks below your nose, why?

I do that when i’m walking my dog.

There’s about a 95% chance that absolutely no one is going to be in the immediate area. If I see people out there I pull it up over my face otherwise, eh fuck it. I’m not gonna get sick from being 200+ yards away from the nearest person in the park.

So I can smell the disease and know to go away from it

Because the fabric “fashion” masks don’t come with instructions. They generally aren’t symmetrical so a lot of people put them on upside-down. When they talk the mask keeps slipping off their nose and they blame the mask for not fitting properly.

If you have this problem, it’s upside-down, flip it and it stays in place even if you’re shouting or yawning.

How else can I consume my 8ball bitch

They are only doing it for appearances, not to be safe.