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People who’ve attended weddings were someone objected, what happened?

Nothing ,the mom was a crazy jealous lady and of course the husband was mature enough not to let anything ruin his or his wife’s big day so in the end he no longer speaks to her for disrespecting him and his wife .some moms are so controlling and toxicly jealousy that they can’t see past their jealousy and feel entitled for their needs to be met before their own adult kids needs.the only thing you can do is cut all ties with them .a lot of moms ruin their sons lives just because they want their needs met .ive seen many miserable boys marry girls their moms choose only to live a life longing for the one they let go so I’m glad this guy did the right thing .guys take notes


I’ve done AV work for churches as a side gig ever since high school. So I’ve worked at tons of weddings at several different churches with many different officiants. It’s a nice way to earn a few bucks just for sitting at a sound board for an hour. I don’t believe I have ever heard the “forever hold your peace” question asked in real life. I asked a preacher about it once. He said “What good could possibly come from asking that?”

There are definitely weddings where it does happen. But normal, modern protestant weddings in the US? It’s not a requirement, and certainly not as common as movies and TV would have you think.